About Ali

I’m Alison, and writing is my passion. I write short stories, scripts, plays and much more. I started this blog as another outlet to share my love of writing and talk about my interests, as well as give advice and inspire others to achieve their dreams.

I’m currently pursuing a career in writing for television, both animated and live-action shows. In addition to writing several original pilots, I’ve written spec scripts for Modern Family, New Girl, BoJack Horseman, American Dad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A.P. Bio and more. My Modern Family and BoJack Horseman scripts each placed as a quarter-finalist in a TV writing contest. I also received an honorable mention for a Creative Writing Award for an original one-act play I wrote called The Things We Learned in Detention.

Follow me on Twitter: @alithewriter

Listen to my podcast, Storytelling Saga, where I share short stories I’ve written, interview special guests and discuss my favorite TV shows, books, movies and much more: storytellingsaga.com

Read my 6-page comic book, A ROSY GLOW: alithewriter.com/a-rosy-glow

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