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Scam Victim

I was recently the victim of an elaborate scam. Criminals posing as government agents contacted me stating I was the victim of identity theft and that a warrant was out for my arrest due to accounts in my name committing money laundering and human trafficking in the amount of $5.6 million. I was instructed to place my money into a safeguarded account, and as a result I’ve lost all of my money in addition to my information being compromised.

As you’d expect, my mental health has suffered greatly after this traumatic event. I felt extreme paranoia as well as anger for not being more alert to all of the red flags. I also felt deep sorrow, questioning why this horrible thing happened to me and what I’m going to do moving forward. Since filing police and FBI reports, I’ve learned how frighteningly common it is for people to fall victim to these types of scams. Thankfully, the feelings of shame and sadness have since subsided for me to ultimately feel gratitude — for my safety, for the unconditional love and support from my family and for the knowledge that I am braver than I’ve ever known. The entire time I was living through this waking nightmare, the only thing I cared about was reuniting with my family.

While this was an absolutely harrowing lesson to learn, it’s also a reminder to be vigilant. Always take a moment to think things through and never be pressured to act in haste. If you’re going through something difficult, know that you’re not alone. You will get through it and only grow stronger from it. Reach out to your loved ones. Lean into what brings you joy. For me, in addition to being with my family and celebrating the holidays, it was playing the piano. Nothing but pure bliss getting lost in the music.

As I focus on rebuilding and healing, I look forward to continue working toward my writing goals of becoming a published author and selling a comedy pilot.

Health, happiness and love to you and yours.

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